research paper

Follow the brainstorming process discussed in class and present at least two (or more) general ideas as a starting pointfor your research/project.

Please note that you need to have at least two well-thought and carefully studied research fields, 

These “general ideas” are NOT your project topics or proposal questions yet. These are only the starting points of your literature review. Choose the “general ideas” which are interesting to you and relevant to your CPT and/or line of work. You should also have some expertise and knowledge of the idea. (please refer to our course documents and discussions) 

You should use HU research port (library) and/or other academic search engines (Google Scholar, other universities or public libraries) to develop the general ideas and investigate those selected topics.

Once you have identified the general ideas, then find “sub-areas” or “trends” and “themes” in those areas (as discussed in chapter 4). To find these “themes” or “trends” one should find and read several journal articles, conference proceedings, white papers, or government publications, (other valid and reliable sources include books, credible universities and companies’ website information).

“Review papers” provide comprehensive information on the topics as well. Without readings and critical thinking, it is not possible to formulate a good and meaningful topic.

Then, for your selected general ideas (at least two), please provide the “themes”, “trends”, or sub-areas which are mainly discussed in the literature

Remember, you should follow the process (brainstorming, developing reading list, READING, identifying sub-areas, raising a specific and clear question with meaningful objectives) in order to finalize a good project idea.

What to submit:

1) Your selected “general ideas” or “fields of research” [at least two].

2) Justification of why you selected those? and how they relate to your interests, CPT and job assignments, your current or past studies and experiences, and your future carrier goals.

3) You need to identify the “trends”, “themes”, and the main “discussion topics” for the “general ideas” you identified in (1).

4) Support your selected “trends” and discussions topics by literature. 

Your document should be fully cited and referenced (APA or IEEE style) with full references and bibliography.

This is a 4 to 5 page document. 

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