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HA4050D – Healthcare Law

Research Paper Dropbox


 Task: Submit to complete this assignment

You have reached the end of the term, and it is time to turn in the final draft of your term paper. You have already done most of the work in earlier weeks as you turned in various components of your work and prepared rough drafts. This week, you will present a polished product that is the culmination of your research and writing efforts throughout the term.


Submit a final draft of your paper, properly formatted as an APA style research paper. Again, please consult the LibGuide for resource on APA style. Your paper should include the following components, all in APA format:

.A title page in APA format

.An abstract page with a brief paragraph summarizing the paper’s subject and conclusions

.A body, 5-8 pages long, which consists of an introduction, factual background, legal analysis, and conclusions. All facts stated in the body that are not common knowledge should be followed by an APA parenthetical reference to a source. The source should also appear in a full APA style citation listed on the reference page.

.A reference page in APA format with at least six scholarly sources listed.


.The entire paper should be in APA style (including line spacing, page headers, margins, etc.)

.Your writing should be in academic third-person tone, with complete sentences and paragraphs.

.There should be no obvious grammatical errors or typos.

.The paper should be well-organized and have transitions tying one paragraph into another and have a smooth and logical flow to the writing.

.You should have absolutely no plagiarism. All quotes should be inside quotation marks AND followed by a source citation.

.The thesis (or central idea) of the paper should be obvious, and the entirety of the paper should drive toward that thesis.

Your paper will be automatically scanned by TurnItIn to detect plagiarism. Your writing will be compared to papers turned in by other students across the country, as well as published materials and Internet websites. Papers that exhibit plagiarism may be awarded a zero, and result in a referral to administration in accordance with NAU policy on academic dishonesty. Be sure that your content is either in your own words or is properly quoted and cited.

Legal Aspects of Healthcare Administration 13th Pozgar 2019 Jones & Bartlett-Vitalsource [email protected]#magicMAN61

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