research plan


I want that research to be fresh, fascinating, and mentally fulfilling.  

But more importantly, I want that research to be useful to your 30 or 40-year-old self.

So, flash forward in your imagination to the next ten or twenty years. Research like a young person who realizes that rapid, seismic, societal shifts might be underway.

Here are some research ideas for you to think about before Wednesday:

  1. Digital currencies: will governments make their own crypto/digital and ban bitcoin etc? In 1971 the US government banned possession of gold.
  2. Crypto currencies, fad, mere speculation, or future cash?
  3. What will be the best stocks in 2021 and beyond?  Have you read about Game Stop this week?
  4. Transhumanism: read first:………..what is it? science fiction? 
  5. Technocracy: how do technical tools shape and govern Americans? Are 5 and 6 related?
  6. Future and AI—-use this to start:   
  7. Cathy Wood and Disruptive technologies, what businesses will be gone when you are 30? What is coming? 
  8. Vitamins and supplements, back to nature and basics for health: start here showing that vitamin A may help measles.
  9. Effects of positive thinking… media/news/gadgets influence all day. We scroll and scroll…do we even spend 10 seconds thinking positively?

Pick up the topic and fill in the research plan DOCUMENT .

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