When you accept a job with a new employer, it is good news for you but bad news for your current employer. This week’s homework is based on assignment 16.17, Writing a Resignation Letter. Relying on what you’ve learned from reading Chapter 11, Bad-News Messages, you will write a formal letter of resignation. For purposes of this assignment, you may fictionalize the name of the company and your supervisor. There is an example of a resignation letter on page 533 to provide with you with some guidance, but the letter must be written completely in your own words.

Effective letters of resignation are presented in a timely manner. Because most employers require 2 week’s notice, include the current date at the top, your last day of employment in the first sentence of the letter, and make sure there are at least 14 days between the two. In addition, effective letters of resignation demonstrate thankfulness and humility. Thank your employer for the opportunity, and do not brag or boast about your new job. It is possible that at some point in the future you may want to return to that organization or you may need a recommendation or reference, so never burn bridges.

Effective letters of resignation are concise, clear, and complete. The recommended length of this assignment is one page.

16.17Writing a Resignation Letter (LO16.12)

Assume that you will be resigning from a job (you can use a current/past position). Write a message that states when you will leave, shows your appreciation, and ensures goodwill with the employer in the future.


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