APA format – 4 to 5 PAGES with 7 paragraphs – due Thursday 04/08/2021 by 6:00PM – NO PLAGIARISM 

To assist with these goals, you will need to do the following activities:

  1. Watch the film

13th is a documentary film on Netflix.  This film available free of charge on YouTube as a community service.

Netflix Film 13th via YouTube (Links to an external site.)

2) Review how this film fits into your knowledge of the structure of our governmental system (Constitution)

3) Identify and examine some relevant history about the African American community in your analysis

4) Search The New York Times to ensure currency on the Black Lives Matter concept and information

5) Review the NASW Core Values (Links to an external site.) and examine how these help you analyze and understand these concepts

6) Write your 7-paragraph response paper using the following outline.

Below is the outline that you should use to write your response to this film and integrate the concepts of this course into your work product: 

1.  Introduction: (To get you started, I took the liberty of writing your first paragraph. Copy and Paste).

The documentary film “13th” (DuVernay, 2020) explores the intersection of race, social justice, and mass incarceration in the United States of America as exemplified in the 13th Amendment of the Constitution ((U. S. Const. amend. XIII). After watching this film and examining this movie within the context of American public policy, this paper will summarize the movie, discuss these issues within the structure, currency, social work perspective, and conclude by sharing the student’s personal opinions on these matters.

2.  Film Summary: Summarize the film. What did you learn? What does it tell you?)

3.  Structure: Constitution – Basic Document- Amendments- Are there any key relevant laws that you want to include?

4.  Relevant History:  Slavery; Jim Crow; Civil Rights – Drug Laws; Criminal Justice

5.  Currency : NYT; Black Lives Matter; Other issues you see from current information 

6.  Social Work Perspective : Core Social Work Values, and how this shapes your perspective

7.  Conclusion: Conclude by summarizing what you learned about the Constitution, relevant history, film, and current events – and how this influences your perspective as an engaged citizen and empowered social worker


(add to it – but I am getting you started)

DuVernay, A. (Director). (2020, April 17). 13th [Video file]. Retrieved February 10, 2021, from

NASW Code of Ethics. (2017, April 4). Retrieved February 10, 2021, from (Links to an external site.)

U.S. Const. amend. XIX 

Note about citing the Constitution. You do not need to cite the entire document, but you include the reference if you mention a part of it. 

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