Scenario #3 (Team Building, Solution Building, and Release Management)

Before you begin this assignment, be sure you have read the “XYZ Corporation Case”.

Please refer to the attachments to complete your scenario #3 assignment

Overview of Scenario #3 Task Assignment

Refer to the News post from the instructor and use the Lecture Notes and assigned readings to better understand assignment requirements that follow. Your task assignment is to develop for this Agile project scenario four deliverables:

1. Product Vision (Vision Box & Elevator Test Statement) – Deliverables: 1) Group discussions in the Workgroup Discussion forum; 2) Product Vision PowerPoint Submitted (MS PowerPoint recommended) (4-slide presentation of the front, back, and left side, and right side of a box (with no top and bottom); 

2. Project Data Sheet (PDS) – Deliverables: 1) Group discussions in the Workgroup Discussion forum; 2) Project Data Sheet Submitted (MS Word recommended); (Please see P105 of the PDF (Agile Project Management Creating Innovative Products.pdf) attached to this assignment for additional details.

3. Agile PM Release Plan (for a 4-month project with 4 monthly sprints). Deliverables: 

1) Release plan and iteration discussions in the Workgroup Discussion forum; 2) Release Plan (MS Word or MS PowerPoint recommended); 

4. Team Building and Evaluation Narrative. In this narrative, you will describe how your team came together or did not, and who did what and an overall score for each team member. Be sure to describe who did the work products and how work assignments were decided. 1) Team building posts in the Workgroup Discussion forum, including appropriate role playing (Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Team Coordinator); 2) Team Building and Evaluation Narrative (MS Word recommended). Note: A form is not provided. It’s up to you to develop this narrative and /or scoring table you think are appropriate.   However, each team member needs to use the same scoring method and table as determined by the team.   Note: You will reuse the scoring method/table for Scenario #4.

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