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Please view each of the following tours (total of 10 space modules):

1. Zarya and Zvezda tour (8 min)

2. Cupola, Leonarda tour (6 min)

3, Destiny, Columbus and Kibo tour (5 min)

4. Harmony, Tranquility and Unity tour (9 min)

Station Tour: Zarya and Zvezda (Links to an external site.)
Minimize Video

Station Tour: Cupola and Leonardo (Links to an external site.)Station Tour: Cupola and Leonardo

Station Tour: Destiny, Columbus, Kibo (Links to an external site.)Station Tour: Destiny, Columbus, Kibo

Station Tour: Harmony, Tranquility, Unity (Links to an external site.)Station Tour: Harmony, Tranquility, Unity

Your essay should address the following topics:

1. Introduction: history of International Space Station (when and who proposed it, partners in this project, cost of the initial phase etc..) .

2. The launching date and purpose of each of total 10 modules that you view on the video.

3. list three your favorite experiments that had been performed on the International Space Station (describe the procedure of the experiment, its importance and possible applications in real life).

The format of the report is as follows: MS Word document or PDF.. It MUST have a minimum length of

3 full pages of text in times font (size 12 pt), single line space with margin no more than 1″ on the top, bottom, right and left.

You are encouraged to include photos/diagrams to help better illustrate the highlights of your virtual field trip. All photos/diagrams and references should be on additional pages. 

You are also encouraged to get more info regarding NASA’s missions:


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