Sex and Gender

These are the words of Amelia Earhart, one of the world’s most celebrated aviators, an American woman who broke records and charted new waters. The purpose of your mid-term project is to think about the meaning behind Ms. Earhart’s words and to gather information about a woman in your own life that you feel has made a mark in her field.  


1 Identify a WOMAN that you feel has made a notable contribution in her field.  

2 Invite this woman to participate in an informal interview.  

3 Assure the woman that the interview will be confidential.  

Conduct the interview using the following questions:  


• Where and when was she born?  

• What was her life like as a child and young adult? (Describe essential aspects of family life, education, pastimes, etc.)  

• What aspects of her early life may have led her to her chosen field of study?  

• What was her personal life like as an adult? Did she marry? Did she have children? What type of person was she?  


• At what point did she decide to go into her chosen field?  

• How did she prepare for this field?  

• Who were meaningful career and non-career role models?  

• What contributions did she make to this field and larger society?  

• In what way or ways has her work and achievements impacted society? Provide specific examples.  

• Does she have any regrets about her career?  

• Does she have any wishes for her future career?  


{Summarize and reflect on the content of your biographical interview}  

• What is one thing that you would like everyone to know about this “notable woman?”  

• What do you think was her most impressive achievement, and why?  

• How has this woman inspired you? In what ways would you like to be her?  

You will present your project as an analysis of the interview you conducted. When you compose your projects, please change the participant’s name to assure confidentiality.  

Your paper should be in APA –  formats  not simply as a question and answer summary.  It would be best if you used as many headings as needed.

Requirements: Papers should be 3-5 pages in length, double spaced.  

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