Sociology homework help

Contemplate what you need to consider when motivating students to  work with a partner or a small group. Think about how your specific  instructions in class reflect your teaching philosophy. For example,  will you give learners direct instructions to do each step of the task  or will you give them some general ideas and let them create their  project?

Write instructions (no more than 3–4 steps) for one mini partner or  group activity about one basic concept that would be taught in a CACREP graduate counseling course.-  (See these guideliness and standards —

Provide a rationale or theory to support  the choice of activity and ways in which this activity will promote  learner motivation.

List two challenges that could occur with this  activity and how you would monitor and adjust during class to  accommodate the different student issues and needs.

Use current (within 5–7 years) primary scholarly resources to support statements.

Complete in 600-750 words

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