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Read Case Study 10.2, “Luther,” on page 231 of the Corey, Haynes, Moulton, and Muratori Clinical Supervision in the Helping Professions text.  (see attached file)

For your initial discussion post:

  • Based on your  readings, identify the top three issues you would consider in setting the  supervision experience with Luther. These can be from the perspective of  the university, the site, or the supervisee-intern.
  • How would these  considerations manifest in the tasks of supervision? Address research findings on roles and responsibilities of the supervisor. Select a model of supervision, different from a previously selected model, for use with this supervisee.
  • Describe how you think Luther will respond to the evaluation.
  • Moving forward, what plan for evaluation would you implement for Luther, based on this case?
  • If you were the university supervisor, how would you assess Luther’s suitability to remain in the counseling program? What methods would you use to evaluate this intern? If you, as the gatekeeper, decide he is not meeting the standards of the profession, what action would you take? Identify potential legal and ethical issues.
  • Provide your rationale with support from the (3-5 articles and texts) literature for your response.

Complete in 600-750 words

  • attachment



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