Required Readings

James, R. K., & Gilliland, B. E. (2017). Crisis intervention strategies (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
Chapter 10, “Partner Violence” (pp. 286-330)
Chapter 11, “Family Crisis Intervention” (pp. 331-372)

Discussion: Effects of Relationship and Family Violence

One in four women will be a victim of partner violence in her lifetime. One-third of female homicides are at the hands of a partner. Boys who witness relationship violence are twice as likely to abuse their partners. The witnessing of relationship violence during childhood is the strongest risk factor for partner violence among adults (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2010). These statistics indicate that relationship or family violence is an insidious issue, often resulting in a multigenerational transmittal of trauma. Not only is there the significant physical and emotional traumatic impact of relationship and family violence, but there are also a host of societal problems that occur as a result, including the legal, medical, social, and foster care systems.

For this Discussion, select an example of relationship or family violence from the media (past or present), a book, a movie, or history. Think about the short- and long-term effects on the survivor(s) in the example. Note any special intervention considerations you might need to take into account if treating the survivor(s).

By Day 4

Post a brief description of the example you selected that illustrates relationship or family violence. Explain the primary short-term and long-term effects of the violence on the survivor(s). Include some effects not mentioned in the resource material. Finally, explain any special intervention considerations you might need to take into account if treating the survivor(s).

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources.

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