Strategic Value of Employee Benefits Programs



To  attract, motivate, and retain good workers, companies need to define  what an employee wants from the employment relationship. One way to  define employee needs is to consider “total rewards,” which are  everything an employee perceives to be of value resulting from working  for the company. Benefits are a core element of total rewards and the  ever-growing package of offerings have evolved. You must now work with  the company to define precisely where the various programs will be  categorized. 

Write a six- to seven-page paper in which you do the following: 

  • Identify  and discuss at least three important variables that almost always  should be considered by organizations when providing employee benefits  programs. Be sure the response is specific and relevant.   
  • Compare  and contrast income protection programs and pay for time not worked  programs, both of which are usual elements of benefits programs. How are  the programs similar? Are they mandatory?  
  • Research  and discuss at least four to five of what may be referred as “Other  Benefits” that you could recommend to the management team as necessary  elements for the benefits package. Hint: Flextime and product or service  discounts are good examples.  
  • Develop  an employee benefits package for any exempt or non-exempt position  level of your choosing, making sure you support the selection of your  program elements. Note: The  preferred method for presenting your benefits package information is  using a table or exhibit, but either approach is not  mandatory. Examples:US Bank Benefits at a Glance and UW-Madison New Employee Benefits Summary

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