Term Paper part 2 – Serious inquiries only

Individual Term Paper – At least 2 pages – serious inquiries only

College of Business and Economics

The task for your term paper is to prepare a draft marketing plan for a product or service that you wish to consider for implementation. Ideally this would be an offering within the scope of your current healthcare employment, if feasible. 

In Part 2 you are to complete the Service Overview and Competitive Analysis (aka the Product), again limited one (1) page on each topic. 

Appendix A of Essentials of Health Care Marketing


Service Overview

· What is the proposed new service proposal’s unique features/ benefits?

· What value does it provide to key target Markets?

· What are the benefits of this new proposal?

· How is this new service positioned against existing services already offered by others?

· What are you doing differently?


Competitive Analysis

· Describe your competition service.

· What is/are their point(s) of differentiation?

· What real value do they deliver to the customer that others do not?

· Describe their customer profile.

· Detail the price strategy.

· What is their marketing/advertising approach?

· What are the opportunities or threats to your organization?

There is at least one page incorporating the Service Overview and one page incorporating the Competitive Analysis.

Attached is a copy of Part 1 to connect to Part 2.

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