The dark racial sentiment in Trump.pdf,Childbirth is killing black women in the US.pdf, CHILD BRIDES.pdf, Hail to Washington.pdf, I Will Never Know Why.pdf, Black and Gray.pdf, Giroux.pdf, Price To Pay.pdf

Assignment: Rhetorical Analysis of an Argument

The entire purpose of this essay will be for you to work through a written text and to demonstrate effective critical reading, analysis and/or evaluation of the main argument.  As part of this, you will have to carefully work through claims and strategies, as well be able to recognize logical fallacies, rhetorical devices (ethos, pathos, logos) and the use of each of these in relation to the intended audience.

This essay may not require research, although you are free to conduct any research you feel may be relevant.

Read through your chosen text either from your textbook or from the selection of essays provided in the PDF files and look for ways of how and why the author uses: Ethos, Pathos and Logos. 

To help, you may wish to ask the following questions in regards to your selection.

    How is each device used?
    How are they developed? 
    What kind of examples are used? 

Keep in mind that each author may not use all three rhetorical devices and may just be using one or two or even three of them.  You may not also find any logical fallacies.

As you write, you primary challenge will come from remaining objective about the subject matter.  Be sure to refrain from inserting your own thoughts or opinions about the subject matter or the author.

Specifications: Your essay must consist of 4-5 typed, double spaced pages.  You must follow APA format, have one inch margins and use Times New roman 12 pt. font. 

Grading Criteria:

1.    Demonstrate evidence of critical reading, analysis and evaluation of the article.
2.    Demonstrate how rhetorical devices are used in order to persuade the audience
3.    Evaluation of organization, tone and diction


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