UCSP 615


500-750 words (about two pages in double-spaced Times New Roman font) in which you identify three trends in your industry and discuss each one briefly. You are to provide citations for at least THREE SOURCES. These sources should be a mix of journal articles from the UMGC library, information from Vault, and other pertinent and valid websites or online materials pertaining to your trends. Be sure to cite any words or ideas from your sources in correct APA format, and include a properly formatted list of references. For an example, please refer to using the UMGC library.

Trends in the [Fill in relevant term(s) here] Industry

Jane Doe

University of Maryland Global Campus

UCSP 615

[Fill in instructor’s name]

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TO: [First Name and Last Name]

FROM: [Your First Name and Last Name]

DATE: [Add Month, Day, Year]

Trends in the [Fill in relevant term(s) here] Industry [Level 1 heading]

In your first paragraph, introduce your industry and identify the top three trends your research has uncovered. Your final sentence should be a transition that leads into the discussion of your first trend in the body of your memo.

Discussion of Three Trends [level 1 heading]

[Three paragraphs–one per trend.]

Insert Name of Trend [level 2 heading; use a level 2 heading before the discussion of each trend]

In this section, introduce and briefly discuss each of the three top trends in its own paragraph. Explain how each is new to the industry and what it portends for the industry. At the end of every sentence that includes words, ideas, or data from an outside source, include a parenthetical citation that includes the author’s last name and year and, if you are citing a direct quotation, a page or paragraph number: (Last Name, year, p. #). The final sentence of each paragraph should lead into the first sentence of the next paragraph. 


[One paragraph]

Based on the above discussion of three trends, this section will wrap up with conclusions about the trends and their impact on the industry. You may want to discuss areas of uncertainty that require further research. Do not introduce anything new here but make focused conclusions about the trends based on your synthesis of the ideas from your resources and your own thoughts. 


+++++Insert a page break here so that your References always occur where they should+++++ 


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Booth, R. C. (1998). List of appropriate school-based accommodations and interventions. Highland Park, Ill.: National Attention Deficit Disorder Association. http://www.add.org/content/school/list.htm 

General information about Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder fact sheet number 19 

(FS19). (1999, August). The Academy for Educational Development and the Office of Special Education Programs. http://www.adult-add.org/study/teacher/study_teach_tips.htm 

Hallowell, E. M., & Ratey, J. J. (1994). Driven to distraction: Recognizing and coping with 

Attention Deficit Disorder from childhood through adulthood. Pantheon Books. 

Latham, P. H. (2000). Attention Deficit Disorder in college faculty and students: Partners in education. National Center for Law and Learning Disabilities. http://www.adult-add.org/study/student/study_student_college.htm 

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