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The Individual EBP Assignment requires the learner to find an EPB article that relates to the topic and group project problem. below you find documents to help you with this assignment:

EBP Article Analysis Guideline.docx


  • First review the group project problem and title.
  • Use keywords from your problem for your lookup inquiry. i.e. infection control, nurse, retention, etc. 
  • Use EBP articles no more than 5 years old. 
  • Make sure you put your name at the top and include your article citation in 7th ed. APA format of your assignment – see exemplar. 
  • There are prompts in the left column to assist you. 
  • Do not give research terms on your assignment i.e. this is a cross-sectional study or has validity unless you’re ready to explain how this will help you solve your problem. These terms are used so that you know if an article is valid and reliable. OK, so now that you found this, your job is to find out how this project will help you solve your problem. 
    • The paper is set up to determine the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the project itself. 
    • By answering these questions, you will help guide and collaborate with your peers with constructive feedback on how to solve your problem collectively as a team.
      • Strength – Example: Did they have the support of the peers, manager, CEO. Did this project improve patient satisfaction, quality, efficiency? Usually found in the literature review and results.
      • Weakness – Example: This is the opposite. Why was this plan weak: Not enough education, no support, not enough money because of the expense? Usually found in the problem of the literature review, results, and limitations.
      • Opportunity – Example: If there wasn’t enough education, is this an opportunity? A better survey or tool? Usually found in results or limitations and future implications.
      • Threat – Example: Increased infection, possible death, etc. Usually found in the literature review. 
    • It is your job to know your article and have the ability to articulate what your article is about with your peers and with your instructor. 
    • During the virtual class, you may be asked to elaborate on your article. So know your article! 
  • Please note that the exemplar provided received maximum points. 
  • Submit both the Assignment and Article in the BrightSpace Assignment submission folder. 


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