Weapons of mass destruction

This assignment builds on the material you should be familiar with from your prerequisite English course.

Your assignment is to prepare an annotated bibliography for your research project following the instructions below.

You will use the resources you find for this assignment in the upcoming Literature Review assignment as well as the Research Methodology assignment. As you search for references in this assignment, keep in mind that the Literature Review and Research Methodology assignments will involve building on your research question(s) and designing a methodology to answer that question.

Note that you will need to refer to your APA  manual for formatting of different types of references. It is important that you pay close attention to formatting requirements.

Assignment Instructions
This assignment has two parts: 1)The list of sources and 2)The annotation for each source.

In your annotated bibliography, the annotation for each source should immediately follow the listing of the sources.

1) The list of sources must contain the following:

The subject of your research, which you must state at the top of the page.
Ten sources of information about your subject, including:
At least one book
At least four articles from the Hunt Library databases
At least two scholarly articles
Special note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for scholarly work.  Do not use Wikipedia as a source for this or any academic assignment.
All sources must be correctly documented in current APA style. In addition, the entire references list must be correctly formatted in current APA style.

2) The annotation for each source has two parts:

A short summary (1-3 sentences) of the information found in the source
An evaluation of the sources credibility, reliability, currency, possible bias, and usefulness with respect to your topic. 


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