Week 10


  • Choose a company that is small to medium sized, is not publicly traded, and does not have an e-commerce presence.
  • Explain the company’s products and/or the services they provide.
  • Suggest two beneficial processes (or changes) to the company’s operations that will motivate them to integrate e-commerce. Make sure the benefits you selected maps to the benefits mentioned in the readings and outline and in the accounting context.



The company I have chosen is Ross dress for less, an off-price store that sells clothing and housing goods, their -e-commerce presence is barely there, you can’t even purchase their products online, you are able to look at their products, but you will have to go into the physical store to purchase, this has had to cause a crushing blow to their sales during the recent pandemic when online shopping was the only way to shop.

The first and most beneficial change they need to make is for customers to be able to purchase their products online, which will give the company access to a broad market of customers all over the world 24/7. The company will also need to embrace technology make that the driving force in the quest to become a successful e-commerce business, this will enable them to become more visible as a digital business.

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