week 4 assignment 2


Signature Assignment: Thematic Unit Planning [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. A thematic unit is the organization of curriculum around a central theme that includes a series of lessons that integrate different subjects all while tying into the main theme of the unit. When designing an arts-integrated thematic unit, it takes time and focused planning to find the connections between the academic subject and arts that will enhance and deepen student learning. 

    In this 2-part assignment, you will plan a 1-week unit that focuses on the academic area of your choice (e.g., language arts, mathematics, science, etc.) and integrates technology and visual or performing arts. Your unit must include 3 lessons with learning activities and provide varying styles of formative assessment.

    Complete Part 1 and 2 below.

    Part 1: Unit and Lessons Outline 

    Create a 525- to 700-word outline for your unit. Complete the following in your outline:

    • Identify the early childhood age level and academic subject of focus for the unit.
    • Describe the overarching theme for the unit.
    • Summarize the 3 lessons in the unit, to include:
    • Topics and learning objectives 
    • Learning activities to support the academic subject and the arts being integrated
    • Technology incorporated 
    • Explain the assessments that will be used, to include: 
    • Formative assessment options for each lesson (must vary in delivery)
    • Summative assessment options for the unit
    • Present a way for the children to display or perform the art they created.
    • Part 2: Unit Justification  

      Write a 275- to 350-word justification for your unit. Complete the following in your justification: 

    • Explain the relevance of each lesson to the overarching unit theme.
    • Explain how technology and visual or performing arts enhanced student understanding and deepened student learning. 
    • Explain how the unit and lessons are developmentally appropriate for the early childhood age level. 
    • Compile the following for submission:
    • Unit and Lessons Outline 
    • Unit Justification

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