week 5 discussion 2

Reflect on the analysis process and how you have learned to more thoroughly analyze film as well as how rigorous study of film enhances your development as a student and thinker. In this 300- to 500-word reflection, review your initial post from the “Post Your Introduction” discussion in Week 1, and consider how your ability to analyze movies has changed or grown. In this course, you have learned a variety of skills such as analysis, critique, the elements of storytelling, and have a greater understanding of many of the various roles that contribute to making a film. Discuss how the skills you have learned apply to areas of your life beyond film and how they could impact your future career. Your reflection should be personal and exploratory in nature.

Address the following questions in your reflection:

  • What can be gained through analyzing film?
  • How has this changed the way you view movies?
  • How are you able to use film theory and criticism to find and interpret meaning in movies?
  • In what ways has this course changed your understanding of how movies are related to society?
  • What are the top two skills you have developed during this course, and how might those skills be added to your resume or LinkedIn profile to benefit your future career or current profession?

********week 1 introduction post****

Hello class,
My name ; I’m a mother of five, a wife, and an active-duty soldier. I enjoy spending quality time with my family, traveling the world, and meeting new people. I currently serve as a Supply Logistician (92Y )in the united states army in. I  am pursuing my Bachorlettes degree in supply chain management.
    The film that has had a lifelong impact on my life was Pearl Habor. Once I watched that film, I knew I wanted to join the service one day, and so that’s what I did at the age of 17. Here I am nine years later and still serving my country. I also found a love for history because of this film. I’m sure this film has affected society in more ways than one. This film showed how strong and significant America is. We have the world’s most elite armed forces.

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