Week 7 Technical writing


Technical Writing – Week 7 Assignment

Communicating in a Global Workplace

This week you learned about the challenges of communicating globally.  This assignment is a break from creating content for your portfolio. This assignment centers on the importance of understanding your audience and communicating effectively.

For this week, create a Power Point (8-12 slides) that explains how you would approach presenting the findings of your problem to a foreign audience.

Note:  You are not presenting any of the documents you have created; this presentation explains what you would have to do in order to effectively communicate with the audience.  You will use information from research to explain what considerations must be addressed in communicating.  This is an educational presentation on how to approach a non-U.S. audience.  The content should:

·  Provide an overview of cultural issues/challenges that must be addressed to communicate with the audience

·  Describe the format and content a presentation of your problem finding

·  Provide a summary of what considerations/requirements must be met to effectively communicate with your chosen audience.


  • Select a country other than the U.S.  (The choice is completely yours.)
  • Learn about important elements of communicating in the professional manner in that culture.  (You may use our text, the Internet, or any other credible means of gaining information.)
  • Format:

·  Title slide,

·  Table of contents slide that shows the main points

·  Supporting slides that have the main points as headings

·  Conclusion slide

·  References slide.

  • Develop the main points using credible sources.
  • Organize points logically.

RESEARCH:  A minimum of two (2) credible sources must be explicitly cited.


· PowerPoint presentation

o 8-12 slides (including the title slide and the references slide)

o At least two appropriate graphics

o APA references page

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