What Is Philosophy?


Before posting on the discussion, make sure you read the article, What Is Philosophy, and watch the video.

Topic: Discuss in a general way; “What is philosophy?”

General instructions for all forum discussions:

1. Write in an academic style. (This includes spelling, grammar, usage, etc. Scores may be reduced for serious problems.)

2. Support your position.

3. Cite the material you are referring to. Every post should refer to module material or related outside material.

When it’s material from the module, use the shortcut method. Note that each reading/video has something like (R1), (R2), or (V). Write something like R1, p.3 in your post. Everyone will be able to find it.

When it’s external material, use a standard citation method. (At least one of your posts must use an external citation. It should be a substantial source relating to the subject. Not the dictionary, Wikipedia, or a non-related source.)

If you already posted two replies containing citations, then you may post additional comments with no citations.

4. Have fun responding to others.

5. This is the most difficult, but most satisfying part: Try to make the entire forum a unified work, rather than 40 disconnected posts.

6. Rule for ALL forum discussions: (1) You must initiate at least one thread. (2) You must respond to at least two other students’ initiating posts.

7. To comply with the outside resources part of the Levels of Achievement matrix (see below) use the sources available at the Philosophy Resources Page.

NOTE: I strongly recommend reading How To Have Productive Philosophical Conversations in the Resources section before posting anything.

Also, read the Sample Discussion Thread to give you a feel for what is expected (length, content, tone, structure).


Additional comments to help you.

I just finished teaching a very similar course. My observations resulted in the following tips:

Read and watch the assigned material before posting. It is essential that you demonstrate engagement with the material. DO NOT POST BEFORE READING ALL THE MATERIAL AND WATCHING THE VIDEOS.

Be familiar with the Grading Rubric in the chart above. Before posting, compare what you wrote to it. What Level of Achievement does it fit?

Initiating posts are intended to start conversations. They must contain new information from the material and should stimulate responses from everyone else. 

Do not cut and paste more than one or two sentences. We all read the module material. Your job is to discuss it.


 WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY? Preview the document(R1) https://peralta.instructure.com/courses/33338/files/2184923/download?wrap=1
Required reading #1 . Underlined portions are key ideas and terms.


    (R2) https://peralta.instructure.com/courses/33338/files/2184894/download?wrap=1
Required reading #2. 

 The_Use_of_Philosophy.m4v (30 minutes) (V) https://peralta.instructure.com/courses/33338/pages/video-the-use-of-philosophy
Required viewing: Dr. Adler discusses introductory concepts.


  Actions  (R3) https://peralta.instructure.com/courses/33338/files/2184919/download?wrap=1
You can use this article to make better posts on the forum.

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