Write an essay in which you examine the impact of supposedly good stereotypes on individuals and groups.



· Write an essay in which you examine the impact of supposedly “good” stereotypes on individuals and groups. Locate a representation of a stereotype that is being viewed as positive and analyze how the stereotype impacts the individuals who are seen–or see themselves as–part of this group, as well as what this stereotype means for the broader place of this group in society. Apply Yang’s essay as a lens in order to consider the implications of stereotypes on individuals and groups. 

· Your essay should depend primarily on specific details from your selected outside source as well as the assigned reading by Yang. Your selected example could be a video, song, television show, movie, article, blog, or something else. It needs to be a rich enough source (enough details to talk about) to support a sustained analysis. Closely analyze your source to determine what stereotype is being represented, how it’s being represented as positive, and why. Consider how this representation impacts or responds to people who are part of this group, including supposed positive implications of the stereotypes as well as its negative impacts. 

· You will apply Yang’s reading as a “lens” to assist you in your analysis, making connections through the use of quotes that help you consider stereotypes and their implications. 

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