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Assignment 1 Submission: Writing Plan (GRADED)

For 2-2 Assignment 1, Milestone 1, (SEE ATTACHED) you created Writing Notes that helped you to consider how the following critical elements related to your persuasive essay topic:

· argument*

· key points*

· audience*

· goal*

· potential resources*

· evidence*

· feedback*

· revision*

Now it’s time to revisit your Writing Notes and revise your responses to produce a complete, polished document that addresses all of the above elements. By reconsidering your responses from your Writing Notes, you will construct a Writing Plan. This process will allow you to develop a potential structure for effectively persuading readers to agree with your argument. This plan will be helpful in keeping your thought process on track when you begin writing and revising your essay.

Constructing Your Writing Plan

Answer each of the questions below. Your responses for this Writing Plan should reflect the new ideas that may have come about as a result of your work in this module on evaluating sources and annotating those sources. Each response should be one fully developed paragraph in length (5-8 sentences). As you work on the Writing Plan, remember to refer to the assignment guidelines and rubric to make sure you’re fulfilling each aspect of the assignment (SEE ATTACHED). 

1. What is the argument you will be addressing in your persuasive essay? 

a. Explain how the argument is derived from your major, the major you are considering pursuing, or your field of work.

2. What are three possible key points for your selected topic? 

a. How do they support your main argument?

3. Who is the audience that will be reading your essay?

a. What potential challenges will you have supporting your argument with this demographic?

4. What goal do you hope to accomplish with this essay? 

a. What will this essay need to be successful?

5. Potential resources are pieces of evidence that could be used to support your argument. 

a. Provide a brief description of the sources that you used for the Annotations activity earlier in this

6. Explain how the key points of your argument align with the supporting resources you just described in Question #5.

7. Based on your argument, describe where integrating evidence would be most effective and explain why. 

8. Describe a revision strategy that would be most effective in informing you while writing this essay. 

a. Why would this strategy be effective? 

9. How can your own writing improve from receiving feedback from an outside party?

a. How can that feedback be integrated?

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